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শান্তি পরিষদে প্রদত্ত বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবর রহমানের ভাষণ - 1971: Genocide-Torture Archive & Museum

Everyday 10 to 5pm except Monday. Friday 3-5 pm

শান্তি পরিষদে প্রদত্ত বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবর রহমানের ভাষণ

সম্পাদকীয় মন্তব্য: বঙ্গবন্ধুর অনেক ভাষণ, লেখা বিভিন্ন জায়গায় ছড়িয়ে আছে যা অতীব দুস্প্রাপ্য। যেমন, এই বক্তৃতাটি। ১৯৫২ সালে শান্তি পরিষদ সম্মেলনে যোগ দেওয়ার জন্য উনি চিন গিয়েছিলেন। এই চিন সফর তাঁর মননে প্রভাব ফেলেছিল। শান্তি পরিষদ সম্মেলনে তিনি এই বক্তৃতাটি দিয়েছিলেন যা এর আগে পাওয়া যায় নি। এই বক্তৃতাটি বঙ্গবন্ধুর আত্মজীবনীর পরিশিষ্টে যেতে পারে। এখানে বক্তৃতাটি উদ্ধৃত করা হলো। বক্তৃতাটি প্রকাশিত হয়েছিল জয় বাংলা পত্রিকার ৯ জুলাই, ১৯৭১ সংখ্যাতে।  –  মুনতাসীর মামুন

The Peace Conference Of The Asian And Pacific Regions, Peking: Speech by Sk. Mujibur Rahman

It is most inspiring for me to find among the delegates to this august Conference, a firm determination to struggle for peace. I feel all the more happy that the great Chinese people has taken the lead in establishing peace in Asia. The new China, under the leadership of Mao Tse-tung, undoubtedly occupies the leading position in Asia, and the great strides and the spectacular progress made by the people of China and their government on various fronts serve as a beacon light to the down-trodden people of the world, particularly of Asia. Millions of people of Asia and the Pacific region, as also of other countries of the world, are looking towards China for new inspiration, hope and guidance. I congratulate the Chinese people on their efforts in resisting wat and establishing peace.

Friends, We Pakistanis have painfully realised the devastation and the horrors of war.

পিস কনফারেন্স, ১৯৫২

Although the war officially ceased in our country, the miseries and the calamities that the war brought in its wake are still clinging to our life, inflation, corruption and black marketing, which were concomitants of the war, remain with all their rigours and the vast masses of our people are still groaning under poverty for want of food, health and employment. The people who thrived during the war and built their fortunes are still exploiting the people. As a result not only in our country but in most of the Asian countries, the labourers and peasants are deprived of a fair price for their produce due to the exploitation by the imperialists and their agents. In order to perpetuate this domination and exploitation, the imperialists threaten war.

The imperialists are apparently afraid of the rising of the people and very naturally are terrified at the awakening of the people and their movement in various Asian countries. They have started making hectic preparations for war everywhere.

Friends, I want to assure you that due to the success of the liberation movement in China, the people’s movements in the Asian and Pacific region are gaining strength day by day. The imperialists and the reactionaries on the other hand, in order to crush such movements, are employing all methods of coercion and barbarous repression.

Last Words Before Independence | The Daily Star

Friends, all of you know that the problems of all the common people in the Asian and Pacific regions are the same. They do not have enough food, clothes, health and education. They want to live and let others live. They bear no hatred against any other, nor are they envious of others.


Friends, we invite the co-operation of all the people of the Asian and Pacific regions as well as of the other parts of the world to unite together in the cause of peace and humanity. The attempt of the American imperialists to remilitarise Japan, for launching aggression against China, has elicited the universal condemnation of the peace-loving people of the world.

জয় বাংলা, জুলাই ১৯৭১

We learn from the report of Mr. Kuo Mo-jo that in the last world war, 10 million Chinese lost their lives due to Japanese militarism, and properties worth 50 thousand million U.S. dollars were destroyed., In Indonesia, two million labourers died on forced labour and tens of thousands of patriots were butchered. In Burma, the Phillipnes and Viet-Nam and other countries, millions of people were killed. On the other hand, the losses of the Japanese were also collossal. These memories of the horrors of war evoke terrible echoes in the minds of all. In Korea, in utter disregard of human life and property, the American imperialists are waging war, and the truce talks have been going on for the past one year without final success having been achieved. Being unable to face popular resistance, they are resorting to bacteriological and chemical warfare. I have no words to condemn these atrocities. But I can assure you that in no distant time the imperialists are bound to answer for their deed before the bar of the opinion of the people of the world.


Friends, in conclusion, I want to say that I have been gratified to learn of the activities of the peace partisans o different countries, and I want to assure you that our people are not lagging behind in the fight for peace. The inspiration that we get here will instill courage and determination in the mind of our students, peasants, workers, people of all professions and different shades of opinion. I want to warn the imperialist “Hands off Asia”. I firmly believe that we will achieve peace unity.

Long Live World Peace.

বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবর রহমানের এই ঐতিহাসিক ভাষণের কথা আজকের গণ চীনের মহান নেতাদের স্মরণ করিয়ে দেওয়ার সাথে সাথে মানবতার নামে তাদের মহা দায়িত্বের স্মরণ করিয়ে দিতে দোষ কি? যাঁরা বিশ্বের দুঃস্থ আর সংগ্রামী মানুষদের দূত হিসেবে নিজেদের স্বীকৃতি কামনা ঘোষণাকরে করে তারা আজ বিশ^ত্রাস সৃষ্টিকারী গণহত্যার বিরুদ্ধে কিছু বলছে না কেন?

গণচীন কি গণহত্যার স্বপক্ষে?
অচিরেই ইতিহাস সে স্বাক্ষর বহনকরতে চলছে!
তবুও বলবো সত্য আর ন্যায়ের জয় অবশ্যম্ভাবী!

জয় বাংলা ॥ ১ : ৯ ॥ ৯ জুলাই, ১৯৭১

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