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This Day in History: 1971-12-10

Today in 1971
10th December 1971

Sujanagar Kalimandir Genocide, Pabna

On 10th December 1971, Pakistan Army killed a number of eminent personalities of Surjanagar Bazar of Pabna district. They killed a prominent businessman Ajit Kundu of Manikdi village, Abdul Hamid of the same village and agriculture officer Gopalchandra Bhaduri along with some other local people. Pakistani Army shot them all infront of the Kali mandir near Sujanagar Bazar and threw the bodies into a well adjacent to that Mandir. But now that well does not visually exists. A new building has been built over there and the old Kali Mandir is known as Siddir Sil Sriti Kali Mandir.